Step by Step Instruction to Set Up WebDav on your Computer:

1. From the Start Menu open the File Explorer – as shown below:

2. Select This PC

3. Click on the Computer tab along the top of the screen:

4. Select Map network drive:

5. Drive: - use the network drive that is available such as ‘Z:’

6. Folder: enter your WebDav address as:

7. Make sure that you check the boxes for:

· Reconnect at sign-in

· Connect using different credentials’

8. Click on Finish

9. You will then see a Windows Security window appear, as shown below:  

10.  Enter your CRM username followed by your account URL for example: 

11.  Enter your CRM password that you use to login to your account: 


12.  Make sure you have clicked on the Remember my credentials box as shown above

13. Click OK

14.  Next if you go back to your File Explorer   - this can be accessed from the Start Menu as shown below:

15.  You will see inside This PC that you have WebDav installed as ‘DavWWWRoot’ shown below: 

16.  Double click on the DavWWWRoot file as shown below:

17.  Here you will see a folder called users:

18.  Open this folder to view your own named folder for your CRM account as shown in the example below: 

19.  Open this folder and you will then be able to see the folders and files that are stored within the File Repository of your CRM account: 

20.  Click on a folder name and then click on a file to open a document: 

21.  At this point you may see the Windows Security pop up again – make sure you check the ‘Remember my credentials’ box and click ‘OK’ to continue:

22.  The document will then open up on your computer – click on ‘Enable Editing’ along the top of the document to start making your edits – as shown below:

Make any edits to your document as you wish.

23.  When you click on Save you will notice some green arrows on the Save icon

 as shown below:

24.  The saved file will then be automatically uploaded to your WebDav file network and into the File Repository where you will see your latest version with the edits you have made saved – as shown in the example below:

Please note:   Any files or folders that are added to the File Repository will automatically be updated on the WebDav network on your computer.  

If you have any questions about this please contact us our Support Desk.