Can I save new files directly into WebDav?

Yes you can save a file directly into WebDav – which will automatically be saved inside your account.

When working on a file, click on ‘Save As’ and select your WebDav root network to save your file into - as shown below: 

Double click on the DavWWWRoot network - as shown below and you will see a folder called ‘users’

Double click on the folder ‘users’ as shown below you will then see your named folder

Double click your named folder and you will see the list of your Folders linked in your CRM account: 

Double click a folder such as ‘Training Guides’ to open up that folder and save your file into. 

If you have not given your file a name already enter this into the File name: field and click on ‘Save’ as shown below: 

At this point the Windows Security pop up will be displayed as shown below: 

Click on ‘Remember my credentials’ and click on ‘OK’ as shown above. 

Your file will now be saved inside your WebDav file network and also inside your account – as shown in the screenshot below: 

Can I update files inside my CRM account? 

Please note in order to edit any files you must be inside WebDav as you cannot do this directly from inside your CRM account. 

You can however, add folder names inside Files and upload files into the File repository which will then be shown inside your WebDav file network. 

Can I create a shortcut to WebDav on my PC? 

Yes you can create quick access to WebDav by selecting either ‘Pin to Start’ and/or ‘Pin to Quick access’ by right clicking on the WebDav file network icon as shown below in the screenshot: 

If you select ‘Pin to Start’ you will see the shortcut link to WebDav as shown below: 

If you select ‘Pin to Quick access’ you will see the WebDav short cut link as shown below: 

How to drag and drop files into WebDav? 

You can drag and drop any files from your desktop directly into WebDav. Just open up WebDav and minimise the screen as shown below: 

Then with a file that is stored on your desk top just drag and drop this file into a folder inside WebDav as shown below: 

The file will be shown on your desktop but also inside WebDav and therefore inside your account – as shown below: