How to sync your contacts with your iPhone


You can push your contacts from CRM account over to your iPhone by setting up a 1-way sync so that contacts inside your CRM database will appear as contacts on your iPhone.   


This means that only your ‘business contacts’ are copied over to your iPhone and not your ‘personal contacts’ from your iPhone into your CRM account.   

To set this up please follow the instructions below:


Pre contacts sync:


1. Please also make sure you have your CRM account login details to hand as you will need these as part of the set up process. If you do not know your password and you need to re-set your password please click here


2. Please set up a new tag called ‘sync’ or if you want to add your initials to the tag such as ‘sync-ho’ etc as this will help you identify your contacts inside your CRM account – to set this new tag up please click here for guidance. 


3. Add the new tag such as ‘sync’ (or whatever tag name you have set up) into the Settings icon:


Inside the 'Your Settings' tab where you see the ‘SyncML’ fields for both Incoming and Outgoing as shown in the screenshot below: 



Enter your tag into the Incoming and Outgoing fields as shown above and click on ‘Update Settings’ to save.

How to set up CardDAV on your iPhone for contacts sync

1. Open the Settings app as shown below:  


2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon as shown below:  


3. Tap Add Account.  


4. Tap Other as shown below: 




5. Select Add CardDAV Account for contacts sync.  



6. When you choose Add CardDAV Account the next screen will ask you to enter your Server details, username, password and description.    


Please enter the following: 

Please note that your username is case sensitive. For instance if your username is 'Sarah' then use an uppercase 'S' and if its lowercase then please use a lower case 's'.

  • Password: Please enter your CRM password that you use to login
  • Description: This is normally completed automatically so ignore this setting.


7. Tap the Next button in the upper right hand corner, and your device will verify the account.


8. If everything looks right, tap on Save

9. Go to the 'Advanced Settings' option. 

10. Make sure that the option 'Use SSL' is switched on and that port 443 is used as shown below: 

11. Your account will now start syncing between your CRM account  and your iPhone, whereby your contacts inside your CRM account that are tagged as 'sync' (or whatever tag you have used) will be displayed as contacts on your iPhone. 

Please note: that only contacts tagged with your 'sync' tag will be pushed over from your CRM account to your iPhone.  If you have not tagged any contacts inside your CRM account with your 'sync' tag then no contacts will be pushed over to your iPhone. 

For troubleshooting and FAQs please click here.