The SPAM button can be found inside the Custom Field section of a contacts record as shown in the example below: 

What is the SPAM button used for?

The SPAM is used to filter out the unwanted emails or contacts that get forwarded into your CRM account if you have an automatic forward set up on your email server to send in emails you receive into your CRM account. 

To see how to set up an automatic forward of your emails into your CRM account please click here.  

The SPAM button allows you to choose which emails/contacts to mark as spam by clicking on the SPAM button inside a contacts record.

When a contact is marked as spam the contact is automatically deleted along with any history such as email or phone history etc. 


What if you accidentally mark a contact as 'SPAM'? 


If you accidentally mark a contact as 'SPAM' and you need to restore this contact then you will need to contact our Help Desk to advise which contact it is so we can re-instate the contact and most importantly we need to be advised to unblock the email address too.


Please also let us know if there is any history for that contact which you need to be re-instated as when you mark a contact as SPAM the history is automatically deleted by contacting our Help Desk.