Please check you are not using Internet Explorer browser as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft and is therefore not compatible with our CRM.  

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers if using a Windows PC.  If using a Mac please use either Google Chrome or Safari browsers. 

Contacts shown in Grid View are displayed below: 

Please check that the browser you are using is up to date - you will be able to update your browser by looking up 'About the browser' to find out if you are on the latest version of if the browser needs updating you will be prompted to click to update.


Please clear the cache on your PC/Mac- to do this from a PC please click the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys together.   

On a Mac please click on Command + R keys together

Please logout of your CRM account and then log back in again.   

If the issue has not been resolved please check that your firewall settings are not blocking your CRM?  

Have you installed any new software onto your PC or tablet?  This may be conflicting with the CRM. 

If this issue has not been resolved please contact our Support Desk so that we can investigate further.