Are you looking to streamline your appointment bookings? Many businesses similar to yours are looking at offering online appointment bookings to their clients. 

The benefits to having an online booking widget:

1. Customised to your specific business, treatment types, time slots, online payment etc.

2. Reduce down number of reception enquiries – saving on staff overhead.

3. Reduce number of no shows with automated email or sms reminders sent via the booking widget.

4. Works 24/7 so your clients can book at a time convenient to them.

5. Affordable, easy to use and install on to your current website or link to your facebook page.

Here is an example of a booking widget layout:

How it works?

View appointment slots against treatment types and stylist availability all in one place in real-time in order to make an online booking.

The example layout (above) shows appointment slots which can be time based i.e. 1 hour etc (you decide on the time rules against the slots to ensure you have plenty of time between each appointment).

The Booking widget will allow you to:

  • Select Available Appointment slots (based on time i.e. 1 slot = 1 hour)
  • Select  Appointment search – via days of week.  
  • Appointment Search over time period – above example shows 60 day count (3 month period) – but this can be drop down    option for 7 days, 30 days etc.  
  • Choose Types (list of hair, nails, eyebrows) etc
  • Choose Stylist name from drop down list
  • The booking widget will automatically will allocate time slot (s) available for ALL stylists or just a particular stylist if you wish

See overview of the Stylist available and then click into the time slots you want to book. 

  • Enter in description box any particular comments you need to make stylist aware of.
  • It will then confirm the booking at the bottom of the screen to say Date, time, stylist and treatment type.
  • It will send out email or SMS reminder to client a day before the treatment is due (or any time you choose i.e. 3 days before etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the booking widget take card or pay pal transactions?

We can set this up with you and also take into account your current merchant provider to see if we can incorporate that.

Can you translate the booking widget into different languages?

Yes we can, let us know what language(s) you need the interface to display

Can you send out automated SMS and Email notifications in different languages?

Yes we can.

How much does it cost to set up?

It will depend on your full requirements.  We normally take down your brief and then come back to you with a quote.

Can the booking widget be changed to our specific requirements?

Yes the widget above is just an example to guide you on what we can do.

Can we use our company branding and colours to incorporate in the look and feel of the booking widget?

Yes, we would work with you on how you want the widget to look.

I do not have a website can I use the booking widget on my facebook business page instead?

Yes we provide you with a url link to use on your facebook page, you can also use it in email marketing promotions and other marketing material as a call to action to encourage your clients to start using the booking widget.

To find out more contact our Support Helpdesk.