Customised Booking/Reservation System

We can customise your CRM account to include an online reservation/booking system.  

This can be designed to reflect your business activity and include a built in calculator.  This type of functionality is popular with the following business types:

  • Leisure and Hospitality - hotels, restaurants, sports etc
  • Property Management
  • Business 2 Business services - i.e. advertising space, booking meeting rooms etc
  • Education - course bookings etc

Inside a contacts record we can set up a button called 'Reservations' as shown below:

If you click this 'Reservations' button a Reservation window will pop up as shown below:

Here you can create a new quotation  - naming the quotation and allocating this quote to a sales person in the team to track who is working on which quote or booked reservation.

In the example shown below, you can allocate different sites such as locations/regions and then sub areas under the region - as shown in red: 

Different price ranges auto populate against the different areas to choose from.

Select dates and number of weeks with products which automatically calculate a cost - as shown below:

This creates a quote automatically to go out via email to client (please see below) or email to the admin team internally to process a booking.

Make an instant reservation to book sites/locations etc by clicking on the Reserve link as shown below: 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss your requirements further and for a quotation.