1. How do I change the sync time interval? 

Go to Outlook and click on the 'CalDAV Synchronizier' ribbon at the top as shown below:


Click on the 'Synchronization Profiles' icon as shown below:


Go to Sync Settings - where you see the Synchronization interval (minutes) select from the dropdown the number of minutes you wish to set between sync intervals: 


Click on OK to save:

2. How do I know if my calendar has sync has worked? 

If you have set up 2 way sync by selecting 'Outlook - Server Two Way' as shown below:  Then if you enter a calendar event in Outlook it will sync and appear in your CRM Calendar.

Depending on what the synchronization interval in minutes you have set up  for instance in the example below we have set up the sync between Outlook and CRM calendar to sync events every 5 minutes: 

An event inside Outlook for instance will then be synced across into your CRM calendar or vice versa. 

If you wish to sync 'on demand' just open up Outlook and click on the 'CalDAV Synchronizer' ribbon and click on 'Synchronize now' as shown below:

3. How do I add multiple calendars? 

You can set up additional sync profiles by clicking on the green plus icon as shown below: 

Please note: you will need to contact our Support Desk so that we can provide you with your unique ICAL ID for the additional calendars you wish to set up a sync for.

Select the Generic CalDAV/CardDAV as shown below:

Next name your profile and then select the calendar name from Outlook as shown below:  

Please note: make sure for any additional calendars you wish to sync that you set up the sync with the corresponding calendar in Outlook.  For example the 2nd profile we have called 'Support' which will be linked to a calendar called 'Support' inside Outlook and inside your CRM account.

Set up your additional calendar sync in the same way as you did for your first calendar sync - please click here and follow point 24 onwards.