Can I automatically forward all emails I send out into my CRM account? 

You can set up an automatic forward of emails you receive so that they are forwarded into your CRM account dropbox address - please click here to find out more. 

However to make sure that a copy of email you send out is recorded inside the CRM system you must do the following: 

1. If you click on a contacts email address inside the CRM account  - whereby you click on the email address as shown on the contacts business card (see below): 

2. Your email client such as Outlook will pop up and you can send an email out to your contact. 

3. Note that your email client such as Outlook etc will have the Bcc: field automatically populated as shown below:  This contains a unique code (which links directly back to the contacts record) followed by your email dropbox address as shown below: 

4. This means that when you send out your email, because the Bcc: field contains a unique code - followed by your dropbox address that the email will be sent out and a copy of the email will land back inside your CRM account - where you will see the email both on the Dashboard and inside the contacts History. 

What happens if I send an email outside of my CRM account, directly from my email client? 

If however, you send emails to contacts outside of your CRM account, for instance directly from Outlook then you must ensure that you enter your dropbox address for example: 

is entered into the Bcc: field in order for a copy of the email you are sending to be stored inside the contacts record inside your CRM account.