Do you offer 2 way Google Calendar sync with CRM Calendar? 

Unfortunately we currently do not offer a 2 way sync from a calendar inside your CRM account into a Google calendar. 

The calendar sync is set up so that we pull the calendar information from Google into your CRM account using ICAL. 

How frequently can I set up my Google Calendar to pull information across into my CRM calendar? 


The current set up is that we pull calendar information from Google every 6 hours.  We can set up the frequency to pull information over every 1 hour if you would like.  Please contact our Support Desk  so that we can set this up for you.  

How do I remove the Google Calendar sync inside my CRM calendar? 


To cancel the one way sync so that your CRM Calendar no longer reads from a Google Calendar you will need to remove the Google Calendar ICAL URL that was pasted into the Location Field inside each of the CRM Calendars which read from a Google calendar.


Please see the screenshot example below which shows a Google Calendar inside my CRM account.  Just remove the ICAL address from the Location: field as shown below in red:  



Then click on Save (as shown above) to stop the one way sync reading from Google Calendar. 

If I add an event to my Google calendar inside my CRM Calendars the event disappears and is not shown when I look at my Google calendar account - why?

The reason that you cannot save entries in your Google calendars stored inside the CRM system is to do with the 1 way sync. 

Any new entries and changes made to the Google calendar MUST be done inside Google calendar and not inside your CRM 'Google Calendar'.

If you try entering new calendar events or make changes in CRM under the Google calendar it will not work correctly.  

This is because the system pulls calendar information in from your Google calendar into your CRM account.  When this 1 way sync happens from Google i.e. hourly or 6 hourly (depending on how it is set up) it will wipe anything in CRM that you have entered in as it is only 1 way sync.  

The Google calendar is a readme only format inside our software so although it looks like you can type in - it will not save it. 

However, we can turn off the read from the Google calendar if you wish to stop pulling your Google calendar events into your CRM account just click here to see how. 

I set up my Google Calendar to feed into my CRM Calendar as a read-only view but I cannot see my Google events, why?

This may be because you have published your public ICAL public address and not your private ICAL address for your Google Calendar inside my account.

For the calendar read from Google into my CRM calendar to work you must use your private ICAL address as shown below: 

Please click here to find a link for the instructions that you need to correctly set this up.