How to view your Mac calendar inside your CRM account

Please find some step by step instructions below on how to set up a read-only 1 way sync so that you can view a Mac Calendar inside the calendar section of your account. 

Please note this is one-way sync only where you have a 'read-only' view of your Mac calendar inside your account.

1. Click on your iCal icon to open up your Mac Calendars as shown below:  


2. Next you need to publish your Mac Calendar. So if you have more than one Mac calendar you will need to publish them one at a time. Once you have published them you can email yourself the URL link ready to put in your account.  


3. Select the Calendar you want to publish by clicking on the tick box next to it as shown below: 

To the right of the calendar which is circled in red on the screenshot – see below:  you need to click on it for the pop up to appear that says Public Calendar.

4. Next tick the box of the Public Calendar – see below and click Done.

5. Then click on the send email link icon as shown below:



6. Choose the “email link to Calendar “ option – enter your own email address in the send box of the email. 


This will then email you the publish calendar URL link which you need for your account. 

The URL link will look something like this:


IMPORTANT: You need to change the URL link at the front to say http:// not webcal://

So the URL link should now look like this: 

7. Now go to your account and click on the Calendar section as shown below:  

8. Click on ‘Create Calendar’ as shown in screenshot below:

9. A pop up will appear where you can name your new Calendar.

10. In the field called ‘Location’ this is where you need to PASTE in the URL of your published Mac Calendar that you copied a moment ago as shown below in red:

11. Then chose the colour of your calendar and whether you want to share with your team or do not share 

12. Then click Create Calendar. 


13. This will then pull you Mac Calendar into your account so that you can view it as 'read-only'. 


If you have more than one Mac calendar then you need to create a calendar for each one in your account and paste in each iCal URL link as shown above. 

Please Note:

You will not see you MAC calendars straight away in your account because they are only updated once a day at 1.45 am (UK time).

Now you have set up the Mac calendar in your account it will show next day after 1.45 am. However, if you want it to sync more frequently please contact our Support Desk.

You can view your Mac calendar in your account and each time you update it on your MAC it will sync at 1.45 am each day to keep it up to date.   


If you require the calendar to read from your Mac calendar more frequently than this please our Support Desk.