View your CRM Calendar on your iPhone or iPad

If you wish to sync your CRM calendars up so that you can see these when you are on your iPad/iPhone then you need to subscribe to your CRM calendar iCals from your iPhone or iPad. 

As part of the instructions above you will need to use your CRM iCal URL addresses please contact our Support Desk so that we can provide this to you. 

Please let us know which calendars in your CRM account i.e their names you wish to subscribe to from your iPhone/iPad so that we can send you over your CAL ID number that relates to each of your CRM calendars.

Please note this is only a 1-way sync so that you can view what is inside your CRM calendar on your iPhone or iPad. 


Step by Step Instructions for subscribing to your CRM calendar on your iPhone or iPad

1. Open the Settings app as shown below:  


2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon as shown below:  


3. Tap Add Account. 



4. Tap Other as shown below: 



5. Click on 'Add Subscribed Calendar' as shown below: 

6. In the Server field below please enter the following: 

For example if your CRM account was called 'training4u'  and your iCAL ID for your calendar was '27ca16e6a2ab3ba44605b73147e33104' you would enter the following:

7. Click on 'Next' as shown below: 

8. In the Description field enter the name of your calendar such as 'Work' etc 




9. Please skip the Username and Password fields. 

10. Please switch the Use SSL to 'Off' as shown below: 

11. Click on 'Done' in the top right-hand corner.

12. If you go to your Calendar icon on your iPhone or iPad you will now see your CRM calendar as shown in the example below: