How to sync your CRM calendar with your Android mobile calendar for 2-way sync

Pre Sync Instructions: 

1. Please contact our Support Deak for your CRM calendar iCal URL addresses as you will need this as part of the set up. 

2. Please also make sure you have your CRM login details to hand as you will need these as part of the set up process. If you do not know your password and you need to re-set your password please click here

3. If using an Android Smart Phone you may need to go to your Google Play Store icon on your mobile phone and download for free the CalDAV Sync Free Beta software by Gege which is recommended for syncing calendars.  

Please click here to see more about this free software plugin that you can download. 

Once you have installed the CalDav Sync Adapter please do the following: 

1. Open up the Settings icon on your Android Smart Phone

2. Scroll down to 'Accounts' 

3. Tap on 'Add account' 

4. You will see your CalDav Sync Adapter you have download as shown below: 

5. Tap on the CalDav sync icon

6. You will then see the 'Sign in' page as shown below: 

7. Enter the following into the fields as below: 

  • User: Enter your   (Please note that your username is case sensitive so if its all lowercase 'sarah' use this.  If it is uppercase 'S' (Sarah) please use this). 

For example enter:
  • Password: Please enter your CRM password that you use to login with

  • Account name (optional): Enter whatever the name of your CRM calendar is. 

8. Click on Sign in or register as shown below: 

9. The connection will then be tested - if successful you will see 'connection successful'

Please note: If you do not see this 'Connection successful' message please go back to the screen and check the details you have entered to make sure all is correct. 

10. Go to your calendar icon on your Android mobile phone and open up the calendar

11. Click on the 3 squares icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen as shown below: 

12. Select 'Calendars to display' option as shown below: 

13. Make sure you have your CRM calendar selected.

14. Your CRM calendar will then be shown on your mobile phone, as shown in the example below: 

Check your Calendar Sync is Switched On: 

Please make sure you check via the Settings icon on your Android mobile


Scroll down to 'Accounts' and select 'CalDav Sync Adapter' as shown below: 


Make sure that that your calendar sync is turned on as you should have a check in the box as shown below: 


The sync is 2 way - so if you add an event into your CRM calendar it will be shown on your calendar on your Android mobile phone.  If you add an event into the CRM calendar on your Android mobile it will be displayed on your calendar inside CRM account.

For troubleshooting please click here