Firstly, please check with your website designer/host that an email notification from the website is still being sent into your CRM dropbox address.

If this is not the case then contact our support desk so that we can check to see why the email is not being received into your CRM account. 

It could be due to the following reasons: 

1. The email is in the incorrect format without the correct subject line needed for the email to be received by the CRM.

2. The email must contain line breaks so each heading is on a separate line such as in the example below: 



3. The email is no longer being sent to your CRM email dropbox address.

4. The email server being used to send the email from is blocked  - check to see if the IP address of the email server that is used to send emails is listed on a blacklist?   

You can check to see if your email server is listed on a blacklist by clicking the link:  and enter your email servers IP address into the search box.

5. If the senders email server is on a blacklist you will need to notify them to get themselves unlisted.  In the meantime, you could look at setting up a new email address for the email notification to be sent to and then have a forward rule on that email so that any emails received will be automatically forwarded into your CRM dropbox address.