Web forms custom designed from £100 + VAT

Web forms capture visitors email addresses and other details.  They can be used to sign up to special offers, book events or apply for a job or just requests about a product or service. 

Our CRM offers a custom web form design service, please find some guidance below on what to think about when planning your web form:  

1. Think about what to ask first

First of all, think about what kind of questions to ask to your visitors.

The best web forms convert much more by keeping the content short and simple. Many users will simply abandon the form if it has too many questions. 

So keep your web forms as short and clear as possible. 

2. State the purpose on the heading 

Although you know why you are creating this web form, a confused visitor might land on the web page without knowing what your form does. So, put a short heading such as "Contact Us" to your form, you can put in extra info in the sub-headings.   

3. Use predefined quick tools for common fields (name, email, address etc.)

Next, ask the name and email address of the visitor so that they are required to enter this information into the form.

4. Use a text area for long answers (comments, description etc.)

A large comment box allows visitors to write detailed comments in it about their enquiry.. 

5. Auto feed your web form leads straight into your CRM account

From £75 + VAT we can auto-feed all your web form leads into your CRM account, creating a new contact record, tagging the contact with the source such as 'website-enquiry' and populate their information into their contact record to save you time.

6. Setting up email notifications

Email notifications/acknowledgement can be set up for you so instant emails get sent out when someone completes your web form. Decide what you want to say and we can set this up for you.

7. Different types of web forms

Choose from different formats depending on your business and also what you want to promote, research or capture.  So you can create booking, survey or sign up forms and much more. 

Please have a look at some of the examples below to give you an idea on layouts and the types of field capture buttons or boxes you can use.

8. Colours

If you want to co-ordinate your web form to a theme on a landing page, Facebook page or your website let us know and we can tailor it to suit your needs. 

9. Reports

We can create CSV or Excel format reporting and graphical reports if you wish to capture form results for analysis. 


Feedback or Survey form examples:


Event or Training registration examples:

Contact Us form examples:

Other examples:

Please contact our support desk so that we can discuss your form requirements further