Need a Facebook Contact Us Form?

Social media is a great way to promote your business to an online market.  If you have not properly tapped into these markets, then why not start with Facebook.  

Discover how you can with a Facebook contact us form automatically feed enquiries straight into your CRM account.

How to set it up?

We simply create your contact us form – you can choose from a variety of layouts. From text fields, boxes, drop down options, customise with your company logo, radial buttons, date/time fields etc.

Here is a CRM Facebook contact us form example:

Also we have set up an option to choose yes/no to sign up to our newsletter.  This will automatically tag newsletter-yes or newsletter-no  in the contact record so that it gets added  into our quarterly newsletter list or not.  You can do something similar if you wish.

There is a submit button so once the form is completed and submit button clicked it will automatically feed the Facebook enquiry into our CRM account via the Dashboard.

One off Set up Cost: £100 + VAT
  • Includes Consultation and Set up of Facebook Contact Us form.
  • Auto feed enquiry into your CRM account, auto-tagging source of enquiry i.e. 'source-facebook'.
  • The enquiry that comes in will automatically create a contact record with the name, contact information, nature of enquiry and any other information that gets pulled off your contact us form that they complete so you get alerted instantly and also can track the contact straight in your CRM account with all you other sales leads.
  • Automated acknowledgement email sent to the Facebook enquiry lead. You provide your logo and text and we will compile the email for you with your branded look and feel.

To find out more about this service please contact our support desk.