If you are no longer receiving online orders from websites such as Shopify into your CRM account this is likely to be caused by the email severs that Shopify use having been blocked by our CRM's email server as the sending server has been blacklisted. 

If you can find out the IP address of the email server used by Shopify to send your email orders over then you can check to see if the IP address is found to be on a blacklist by going to http://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx

This type of issue can be quite common with these types of websites where one or more of their email servers have been found to be blacklisted and hence emails to our CRM are therefore blocked. 

We can set up a workaround by emailing those orders from Shopify in a different way into your CRM drop box email address - until Shopify can resolve the issue with their email servers. 

Please contact our support desk to find out more.