If you have purchased your VoIP phone equipment from us then you will have a 1 year warranty which covers faulty equipment but not accidental damage.


If your equipment is faulty please do the following to check that it can not be resolved by:

1. Re-booting the phone - switch the phone off and unplug from the power before re-connecting - has this resolved the issue?

2. If using a Gigaset Dect Phone with a Base Station - please unplug both the Base Station from the router and re-boot - check you have a blue light on the front of the Base Station as shown below:


3. Please also check the batteries inside your Gigaset Dect phone as these may need replacing as over time the batteries become weak as you are using a cordless phone where you can use it on and off the cradle.


The solution is to replace the batteries - the handset takes AAA batteries x 2. 


Please note:  that these batteries MUST BE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES and not just the normal ones otherwise it will damage the handset.  

4. If you are using a Gigaset Desk phone then please unplug the phone from the power outlet and disconnect from the router or switch so that you can re-boot the phone.


5. Are you experiencing poor call quality on incoming or outgoing calls?  This may not be related to the phone equipment itself but is more likely down to the broadband connection which provides your VoIP service - please click here to read more. 


If after having checked the above there is still a fault with your phone equipment please contact our Support Helpdesk detailing the make and model of your phone equipment so that we can arrange with you the return of this equipment. 

If the phone equipment is still in warranty then we can arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you.  Please note this covers faulty equipment only and not accidental damage.