You can now test your email prior to sending out the email campaign by using the Email Testing service which you will find inside of the e-Marketing section as shown below:

The Email Tester gives a good idea as to how email providers would see your email and gives a score out of 10 as to the likelihood of your email reaching a recipients inbox. 

How to Use the Email Tester: 

1. Click on the Email Tester icon

2. This will automatically pop up with a new window where the email test will start running as shown below: 

3. When the email test has finished you will be given a score out of 10 as shown below: 

4. To see why the score has been given scroll down the page where you will see the results of your score as shown below:

5. Where you see a 'green tick' this is positive as your email message is viewed as being safe and well formatted. 

6. If you have a red box with a minus score such as (-5.2) as shown below this is where your emails falls down in terms of the score given - which is generally the 'SpamAssassin' score: 

7. Click on the red box to view further details about the negative score given to your email: 

Please note: please do not be too alarmed by your score as the Spam Assassin is a continuous work in progress, and because it uses a razor spam confidence rating which is based on percentages, probabilities, interpretation and other tests, they can make mistakes.

Spam Assassin really just gives you an overall likelihood based on the razor confidence rating of your email being marked as spam.

In most cases an email will be graded as safe and well formatted however, to help improve your score you could consider setting up both SPF and DKIM records on your domain.

By adding SPF and DKIM records to your domain name system (DNS) this will tell the email servers you are sending to that your email is legitimate and authorised and hence will help your email reach the inbox of your clients.

8. If you see an amber tick this means that there are some improvements that can be made:

9. Click on the amber tick box to see what these improvements are: 

10. In this example given below you will see an amber tick for 'You do not have a DMARC record' this is advisory that if you were to add a DMARC record this would improve your email tester score. 

11. By adding a DMARC record this is a further step to protect your domain name/brand from phishing attempts and help ensure that your email is accepted by ISPs.  You can set up DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) records which can be implemented in conjunction with SPF and DKIM.

DMARC helps you manage your domains email reputation as DMARC is a policy that tells the recipient servers how to react if they receive an email that appears to be sent by you (your domain) when actually it has not been sent by you at all and is instead a phishing attack (scam).

You can set your DMARC policy to simply monitor the email being sent using your domain, or you can tell mailbox providers to quarantine it to the spam folder or reject unauthenticated emails completely.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions or for assistance with setting up SPF and DKIM records.