Automated Allocation of Sales Leads 


Many sales teams use our automated allocation custom feature to manage the number of leads being worked on by their sales team at any one time.


  • Allocate contacts through a pool system to stop duplication.
  • Remove and hide contacts by setting up certain rules - to prevent over calling or other forms of contact.
  • Control the number of leads per sales person – to ensure leads are followed up in a timely manner.


How does it work?


1. You decide the rules you want to set for each of the leads i.e.


  • How long does a sales person keep that lead for?
  • Do you want the lead to be reallocated back into the system after so many days if no action has been taken?
  • What to do with dead leads – do they get removed completely or hidden but tagged as dead?
  • Do you want just one lead showing at a time for a sales person to allocate it to themselves?
  • Restrict the leads that each sales person sees – i.e. only the leads they have been allocated not the whole database.
  • Do you want trigger emails to go out i.e. send out a confirmation email (thank you for confirming to go out to the lead) or appointment email (to be sent from sales team to the internal admin person who can then deal with all the booking appointments coming through from the sales team).

Once you have decided on the rules then we can give you a quote and timeline for the work. 


2. All contacts are tagged as pool for the Manager so that they can see all of the contacts.


3. The sales team can only view their current leads as the default. (They can access their call backs which are tagged as future leads which are their call backs if they wish but this is not set up as a default).


4. Each sales person has a Next button inside their contact section – this will pull in the next contact to be allocated to them only. It will automatically be tagged as current lead and only they see it.


5. The Next button is located in the main contacts screen near the search box.


 Example of Automated Lead Allocation Process:


We set up a series of Action buttons for the sales operator to use inside the custom fields of the contact lead in example show  - DEAD, CALL BACK, EMAIL CONFIRMED, APPOINTMENT etc. 

Also custom field headings: Call Back Date, Date Email Confirmed and Date Appointment Made. 


The custom field headings will populate with dates once action has been taken i.e call back date booked – this will then display against call back date as shown in the example below: 

How do the Action Buttons work? 


In this scenario if you clicked on the DEAD button this would take that contact out of the pool allocation – it can either hide the dead lead (it can tag it so that you can find it if you need to) or you can have it deleted out of the system all together. 


Press CALL BACK  button  


1. Calendar pop-up screen will appear: 


2. Select the date for the call back and this will add this date into the call back date custom field as shown below: 


3. It will tag that call back as future call back (so the sales person can see a list of their future call backs if they wish) 


4. It will send an email on the day the future call is due. (You can set it up as a task reminder rather than an event reminder just depends on how you want it set up – to do tasks would be additional cost as more complex to set up).


5. The sales person will not see the future call back in their current list as these are now removed out of their current leads list.




1. This will automatically trigger an email confirmation to be send out (that you have created as a standard template advance for all confirmations). It will have the first name mail merge field in the email so the email is personalised. 


2. Once the email goes out it will date stamp it in the Date Email Confirmed box as shown below: 




1. This will automatically send out a standard email template to your internal admin team to let them know that the lead wishes to set up an appointment. This lead then gets moved onto the admin people and out of the sales persons pool of leads current and future. 


2. Once the email goes out it will date stamp it in the Date Appointment Made: 


To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.