Has the hand-written signature had its day?


The European Union has from 1st July 2016 implemented new rules for electronic signatures which give them the same legal weight as a hand written signature. 


The new eIDAS (European Identity and Trust Services) regulation has made it easier for businesses to use and reply on e-signature.


e-signature technology has been in place for a while but businesses have been slow to adopt electronic signatures as until now there has been no legal framework or regulation. 


*The problem with written signatures - even those signed with a beautiful pen and a practised flourish - is that they can be forged.


"A written signature is simply weak evidence that somebody agreed to do something," says Jon Geater, chief technology officer at Thales e-security.


"It is not exactly unique or special, nor does it prove particularly well that a person was genuinely present or consenting."


Digital counterparts, on the other hand, whether using blockchain technology, which relies on a consensus agreement before verifying a signature, or password-based digital signatures, do away with this uncertainty.


"Modern digital technology provides considerably greater assurance that a piece of information was genuinely approved or agreed," says Mr Geater.


This enables business relationships to be "described, enforced and verified without the unnecessary involvement of superfluous middlemen, and with much greater levels of proof," he says.


Ron Hirson, chief product officer at US-based tech firm DocuSign, agrees, saying: "The benefits of digital business are outweighing the nostalgia of the hand-written signature."


*Source: Nicola K Smith Technology of Business reporter, BBC News

CRM with Integrated e-Signature


Our CRM is able to offer clients the use of e-Signature documentation for business and have integrated this functionality into the software platform to make the whole process easy.


Clients can now be sent the documentation by email through the company's CRM account. 


The client signs the document electronically and emails it straight back and a copy is automatically stored inside the CRM account - inside the contacts record.




To find out more about using e-Signature integration with your CRM account please contact our Support Desk.