Unfortunately you cannot over-write a tag but you can remove tag(s) in bulk from your contacts and apply a new tag instead.

The best way to do this would be to follow the steps below:

1.    Create your new tag inside Global Settings – within the global tags box, please click here to see how to do this.

2.    Next go to the Contacts page and do a tag search to select the tag you no longer wish to keep – this will then list all contacts this tag has been applied to.

3.    Change to List view if you are not already in this view.  List view enables you to do bulk edits to tags – whether this be add, remove or replace a tag to a bulk list of contacts.

4.    In List view – having selected your tag you wish to remove – select all contacts by placing a check in the box ‘select first 50|100 – please see the example below:

5.    Next select the Tags green tick button – as shown in below.   A pop up Edit Tags window will appear.

6.    Please firstly add your new tag to these contacts by selecting the ‘add these tags’ option as shown below:


7.    Then find your tag you wish to add to these contacts by selecting from the list which a check and click update.

8.    Please do not select the ‘Replace’ option as you risk losing any other tags that have been applied to your contacts.

9.    You will see that your new tag has now been applied to your contacts. 

10.  Now you can remove the old tag(s) from your contacts using the same method – firstly by searching the tag group you no longer require and then using the Remove option to remove these tags in bulk – as shown below:

11.  When you have finished if you wish you can remove the tag name completely from inside the Global Tags box – within Global Settings as if it is no longer required you will not need the tag to be listed here – as the last screenshot demonstrates. 

12. Click on Update Settings when you have finished.