Inside a History entry for instance an Email History you will see the following icons as shown in the example below in red: 

The icons allow you to do the following: 

Delete - as shown below in red, if you click on the Delete icon you will see a Confirm box pop up where you will need to choose between Cancel and OK:

Open History in Email Client - as shown below in red this icon allows you to open up the History item in your email client for example 'Outlook'.  A message box will pop up as shown below where you can open the History up in your default email client - click OK to open: 

Move History - this icon (shown in red below) enables you to move the History item from the contact record you are currently working in over to another contact. 

Enter the contacts name into the search bar to find the contact record you wish to move the History over to as shown below: 

Select the contacts name by clicking on the yellow highlighted area to move the History into their contact record. 

Forward History by Email  - use the icon shown in red below to forward a copy of the history by email: 

The email that has been forwarded is sent out via our e-Marketing platform and so will show a status such as 'SENT' against the forwarded email with 'FW:' in the subject line.  When the email has been opened you will see the status changed to 'OPENED'.  

This status update will shown on both the Dashboard page and inside the contacts History section. 

When you click on the Forward Email icon you will see the following window: 

Enter the email address of the contact you wish to forward the email to in the 'To:' field as shown below: 

Please note: You can enter more than one email address into the To: field.  Just use a ; to separate between each email address. 

Click on the green 'Send' button to forward a copy of the email to your recipients. 

The email will show a status of 'SENT' which will show up on the Dashboard and inside the contacts record. 

To find out more or for any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.