Set up Automated Task Reminders

Businesses use automated task reminders to stay on top of deadlines, chase up sales leads and close deals fast.

Automated task reminders can also trigger emails which can be sent to a contact to remind them of MOTs, insurance renewals and appointments, etc. 

We can set up tasks to trigger and associate against a contact or lead, these tasks can also be recurring - which means you do not need to remember to set the task!  

Task automation can be done using a number of methods:

  • Trigger Button from inside the contact record
  • Date Rule – i.e. specify based on a date when to trigger the task i.e. 3 day reminder, 11 month reminder (i.e. annual maintenance or policy renewals)
  • Date Cycle – i.e Quarterly Vat Return reminder – store reminders in specific task folders that may be shared by rest of the team.

Watch Video to learn more please click here

For more information on setting up automated task reminders please contact our Support team.