If you are the owner of a calendar you can set up via the 'Manage Calendars' button permissions to allow other CRM users to have read-only access to your calendar. 

This can be done via changing the permissions of your calendar to 'Do Not Share'

To set up read-only access to a calendar please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the 'Manage Calendars' button inside the Calendar section as shown below:

2. Select a calendar that you want to make 'read-only' please note you must be the 'owner' of this calendar so you will need to select a calendar from the 'My Calendars' section as shown below: 

3. This will open up the 'Details' window for your selected calendar. 

4. Change the 'Share with everyone:' option to 'Do not share' as shown below: 

5. Then entering in the 'Share with specific people' field, enter the name of a user (the user and their email address must be recorded inside the CRM database) so it will pull up their name and email address: 

6. Select from the dropdown: See all event details

7. Click on 'Add person' 

8. Click on 'Save'.

9. This will then allow that user access to your calendar but they will only have 'read-only' access. 

10. The user who you have given access to then needs to 'Subscribe' to that calendar by clicking on the 'Subscribe' button inside the Calendar section as shown below: 

11. The CRM user must then enter the email address of the owner (the person who owns the calendar) and click on 'Subscribe to Calendar'. 

12. The CRM user will then be able to view the calendar as 'read-only' access where they can view the details of any events but not edit them. 

13. If the CRM user clicks on a calendar event the 'Event Details' pop up as shown below: 

14. The CRM user can then click on the green 'Event Details' button as shown below to view further information about this event: 

15. Further details about the event will then be displayed on screen as shown below: 

The user can only view the details of the event - they are unable to make any changes. 

Please note that this subscribed user will also be unable to create calendar events for the calendars that they have read-only access for. 

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.