Please note: if you have removed or ported out a VoIP line from your CRM account then you will need to remove that VoIP line from your phone as if you leave a line that is no longer used the phone system will attempt to 'register' that line and as a result of a failed password you risk your IP address becoming blocked and therefore any other VoIP line(s) you have with us being 'offline'.  

As a precaution to the above, please let us know your public IP address - find this out by typing into a search engine 'what is my IP address?' and send this to us so that we can whitelist your IP address to prevent it becoming blocked. 

1. Find your VoIP IP address which you can find from the Settings icon on your phone - please click here for guidance

2. Type this IP address into the address bar of a web page 

3. This will take you to your Gigaset Base Station web interface page

4. Enter in the pin field 0000 (4 zeros) to login and click OK

5. Click on the Settings tab

6. Click on the Telephony option



7. Click on Connections 

8. Here you will see a list of connections (lines) that are registered with a check in the Active box as shown above. 

9. Uncheck Active against your line - to see which line is which click on the 'Edit' button

10. Your line will then be de-active against your Base Station - to re-activate your line just click on the Active checkbox. 

11. Alternatively if you wish to remove the VoIP line completely from your Gigaset Base Station please click on the Edit button as shown below: 

12. Just click on the 'Delete Connection' button as shown below - this will permanently remove the VoIP line from the Base Station. 

13. Click on the Set button at the bottom of this page to save your changes 

14. Click on Logoff in the top right-hand corner to exit. 

If you need to de-register a VoIP handset from a Base Station please do the following: 

1. Go to the Settings on the phone via the handset

2. Click on 'Registration'

3. Click on 'De-register' handset. 

If using an E49 H phone handset please do the following:

1. Click on the INT button 

2. Select your handset name

3. Select Options

4. Select the De-Register option. 


If you then need to set up a VoIP line onto another Gigaset Base Station please follow the instructions below:

1. Plug in the new Base Station so that the blue light is on the front of the base

2. Register the handsets onto the new Base Station – just go to the Settings (via each handset) and click on Registration – Register Handset – at this point you may need to press the blue button on the Base Station to put it into registration mode.


3. The handsets will then be registered to the Base Station – meaning that you can then get the IP address from the phone for the new Base Station – to do this go to Settings- System – Local Network where the IP address will be displayed.


4. Use the IP address to login to the Base Station web interface where you can select Settings and register the VoIP lines onto this Base Station. 


5. You can also via the Telephony option go to the Number Assignment where you can select which lines ring which handset and also rename the handsets from this screen.