The best way to achieve this is by using tags.  

For example, search on the 'customer' tag but within this tag group you need to exclude contacts tagged as 'email-campaign' the way to do this would be by using tags to do the following: 

1. Create a new tag group for your search - i.e. call the tag group 'search-aug-18' tag for example

2. Next search on the tag group 'customer' which will display all those contacts with this tag - as shown in the example below:

3. Change to List view and select all contacts in the customer tag group as shown below:

4. Click on green Tags button - select 'add these tags' and select the new tag you created 'search-aug-18' to add to the customer group of contacts - as shown in the screenshots below:

5. Now search again on the tag group customer and the tag group 'email-campaign', this will display the contacts tagged as both 'customer' and 'email-campaign' as shown below:

6. Change to List view - select all the contacts matching the tag criteria as shown below:

7. Click on the green Tags button as shown below:

8. Select the 'remove this tag' option and remove the new tag you added called 'search-aug-18' as shown below:

9. Click on Update to save. 

By removing the tag 'search-aug-18' you are making sure that in this tag group you only have contacts tagged as 'customer' and NOT tagged as 'email-campaign' .

10. Now search on the tag group 'search-aug-18' and you will ONLY have contacts tagged as 'customer' and NOT tagged as 'email-campaign' in this tag group - as shown below:

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