Key Account Holders or Admin users of the CRM system can now manage the CRM users via the Account icon inside the CRM account as shown below: 

Manage users gives you the ability to: 

  • Reset a password
  • Rename a user
  • Expire a user
  • Options to adjust user permissions/settings

Inside the Account section you will see a 'Manage Users' button as shown below: 

Click on this button and you will see the following screen: 

The icons below will do the following: 

Reset Password icon - this will automatically re-set the CRM users password and will send them an email with their new login detail. 

Rename User icon - this will enable you to rename a CRM user - it will automatically send the user their new login details with their new username. 

Just add the user's new Username into the Username field as shown above in red.

Please make sure their email address if different is added as shown below: 

Click on 'Update' for a new username to be sent to the user by email. 

Expire user icon - click this and you will see a pop up window as shown below to confirm you wish to expire the CRM user: 

Click 'Yes' to confirm and the user will then be immediately expired. 

Options icon - using the above icon you can adjust a CRM users permissions and also make them an 'Admin' user which would give them full access to the system with the ability to delete, merge, export and print contacts. 

If you click on the 'Options' icon you will see a pop up window as shown below: 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions.