Please click here to watch a short video guide on setting up a Yealink cordless Dect phone with a Base Station - please note this is based on a phone that has been pre-configured for your VoIP line(s). 

The Yealink W60 Base Station will be supplied with an Ethernet cable and power cable as shown below:


The Ethernet cable plugs into the Base Station and the other end plugs into the LAN port on your router as shown in the example image below:

The power cable connects directly from the Base Station into a power socket.   A full user guide is also supplied with the Base Station. 

The Yealink DECT phone will come with the following (as shown in the image below:) 

  • A power adapter
  • Charger cradle that the phone sits in to charge when not in use
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Belt clip

If you have purchased your phone equipment directly from us then your VoIP phone line(s) will have already have been configured onto your phone equipment. 

This means that once  you have plugged in your Base Station and phone handset the phone, when switched on should be ready to use for making and receiving calls. 

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.