Typically if your VoIP phone line fails to register with your Yealink phone we will ask you to do a Pcap Trace on the phone so that we can see what the issue is that is causing your line registration to fail. 

To do this please access the web interface by firstly finding the IP address of the phone - click below to see how to find this:


Then enter the IP address into a web browser.   This should take you to the Yealink web interface page.  If not then please try entering the following text after the IP address: 


At the login page enter 'admin' for username and 'admin for password. 

Please note that for some Yealink phones the last 6 digits of the Mac address (found on the bottom of the phone) is needed for the password. 

  • Once logged in go to Settings tab
  • Then go to Configuration page
  • You should see a section labelled pcap feature, click the start button
  • Go to the account tab at the top of the page
  • Set Line Active to Disabled and click confirm
  • Set Line Active to Enabled and click confirm
  • Go to the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  • Go to the configuration page down the left hand side.
  • Click stop next to the pcap feature label
  • You will see further down this page an option to ‘Export All Diagnostic Files’ http://support.yealink.com/faq/faqInfo?id=707
  • Press Start. Then start to reproduce the problem - Note: when you press Start, the syslog level will be automatically set to 6.
  • After finishing test, press Stop and then Export. You will get a file, named allconfig.tar with syslog, pcap and config.bin. Please export it immediately after testing.

Please send this trace route file over to our Support Helpdesk so that we can advise on what the issue is.