Please check that you do not have the Do Not Disturb (DND) function enabled on the phone. 

To check that the DND button is not on please do the following: 

Click on the DND button which is just below the LCD screen.  See screenshot below:

Image result for yealink dnd button

On some models you will not be able to do this via the LCD main screen and will need to go into the menu settings instead:

Disabling Do Not Disturb

  • On your phone, press the Menu button
  • Select Features > DND
  • Use your arrow keys to select the Phone Mode from the Username field
  • Select Disable from the DND field
  • Press OK to accept the change

If DND is not the cause of the issue and the problem still persists please check the ringer volume on the phone to make sure it is turned up. 

If this is set correctly then the next step would be to unplug the phone, completely disconnecting it from the power supply and network and then after 5 minutes re-connect the phone again so that it powers up and re-establishes a network connection.  T

This reboot should then resolve the issue. 

If not please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.