Please make sure you are not using Internet Explorer to run your CRM account.  This browser is no longer supported by Microsoft and so is not compatible with our software. 

We recommend that you use either Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari with your CRM account. 

Please check your browser, you may need to clear the cookies, cache and site data on your browser and then re-load your CRM to see if this then resolve the issue. 

If not please check your browsers version - making sure it is up to date and then log back into your CRM account to see if this then resolves the issue. 

Have you tried using a different browser, for example if you are using Chrome, please try using Firefox or Microsoft Edge to see if this resolves the issue? 

If by doing the above the issue has still not been resolved, please can you check your firewall settings, is there anything on your firewall that is blocking your CRM?  You could try disabling your firewall to see if this resolves the issue. 

Have you installed any new software onto your PC?  Again this could be affecting your CRM as some software runs as a plugin to Google Chrome and can cause cross domain issues.   If you try disabling the plugin this might resolve the issue. 

To find out more please go to your CRM account and press both the Ctrl + F5 keys to do a page refresh to see if this resolves the issue. 

If not please try the following, on your keyboard hold down the Ctrl + F5 + I keys.  This will bring up the browsers console window.  If you can please send over a screenshot of this page and email this to us so that we can advise further.