If you have more than one email address that you use to send out emails to your contacts database, you will need to add these extra email addresses to your CRM user profile.

This means that any emails sent from the different addresses will be linked to your user profile and will be displayed under your profile on the Dashboard and inside a contact's History record. 

How do I add a new email address to my profile?

1.  Go to the Settings icon which you will find located along the top menu bar.

2.  Click on the 'Work' tab - see the example in the screenshot below.

3.  This is where your email address will be shown - simply add the additional email addresses by clicking on the Plus key + and a new field will appear under your existing email address.

4.  Enter your additional email address(es) and ensure you choose the drop down option to categorise it as email

5. If you wish to set one email address as your 'preferred email' this being the default email address linked to your CRM user profile then please click on the radial button to select that email as the preferred email as shown below:

6.  Simply click on Update Settings button and the new email address(es) will be added and linked to your user profile.