CRM Security Access for Users and CRM User Policy 

We have 2 standard levels of user security these are Admin User and Basic User.

What is the difference between an Admin User and a Basic User? 

An Admin User has access to everything. 

  • They can import, export, delete and print off contacts from the database. 
  • They can merge duplicate contacts together 
  • They can set up the default custom fields and tags for the company. 
  • They can send out e-Marketing campaigns.

Who should be an Admin User?

This user is normally the Key Account Holder who is normally the Director or a Senior Manager of the business. Careful thought needs to be considered when giving other users ‘Admin User’ access as you are basically entrusting them with your company data.

Who should be a Basic User?

This is decided by the Managers who in turn get confirmation from the Key Account Holder.

A Basic User has more limited access within the account, meaning that they can:

  • Access contacts but not delete or export them. 
  • Then cannot print off contacts or merge contact records together.
  • They do not have access to Global Settings so they are unable to add global tags or create custom fields.
  • They can create e-Marketing campaigns but cannot send them – this needs to be done by an Admin User.

Can you give Basic Users more access but limited and still keep them as a Basic User?

Yes, there are a number of features you can give a Basic User, provided the Key Account Holder gives permission and contacts our support desk to set this up:

  • You can also restrict what contacts a Basic User views in the database i.e. they only see their own contacts. This is popular with sales teams to restrict contact access.
  • Manager rights – set up the ability to view task folders of other users to track and manage tasks or projects.

Other bespoke user access security options:

  • Read only access
  • 3rd party access to calendar section only – we have done this for companies who use virtual call answering services

If you have a specific security requirement that we have not covered please contact our support desk where we can advise.

Important Notice – Please Read:

All about our CRM User Policy – how to ensure you are following the rules:

  • NEVER share login details as this breaches our user policy.
  • If you wish to have more than one user having access to your CRM account then you as the Key Account Holder NEED to add any additional users separately onto your account and to set up specific securities for that user.
  • By giving each person access to your CRM account, as a user in their own right they will be able to make use of all the features such as adding tasks for themselves to help manage their work and also adding notes and history to a contacts record which is recorded against their user profile.  Also each user has their login details associated to their email address to ensure any task or event reminders will go to their own email address not yours.

Sharing your login details when you are an Admin User is of key concern for a number of reasons:

  • Those using this login can at any time export out ALL of your precious data which is key to your business as well as delete contacts, alter or remove your custom fields, tags and settings format etc. This could be extremely detrimental and damaging to the business should this user(s) decide to leave and take all of your data with them.
  • What we would suggest is re-setting your own password so they no longer have access to your login and setting up separate login details for the other user(s) as we cannot take any responsibility or liability for the data being exported or the other issues that may arise as mentioned above, as you are in breach of our CRM policy.

Please advise if you want to add on any additional users we need to know the full name of the user and their email address plus the level on their security rights, i.e. admin or basic user. Also what security settings do you need them to have? 

Please email our Support Helpdesk with any changes. 

Please note: adding on additional users incurs additional charges to your monthly subscription, please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out pricing.