All of the Gigaset Desk phones come pre-configured with what you instructed us to name each phone display as.

If you wish to change this then you will need to do this manually we cannot change it from our end. 

Please find below some step by step instructions:

On the Gigaset Desk Phone models DE310 and DE410 please follow the instructions below to rename the handset display:

1. Firstly you will need to find the VoIP IP address on your phone.  To do this please follow the steps below:

2. Press the round button with the Green Tick as shown below in the screenshot circled in red:



3. Use the bottom key underneath the green tick to scroll downwards through the menu options 


4. You will see the display on the phone show you the menu options - when you get to Settings Click OK.

5. Select 'Local Network' click OK

6. You will be asked to enter a password -- please press the # key twice to type in lower case admin and then click OK

7. Scroll down to 'IP Address' click OK



8. Your IP address will then be displayed.

9. Enter the IP address into a web browser and press the return key to load the page. 

10. This will take you to the Gigaset web interface login page as shown below:

11. Type in lower case ‘admin’ into the box asking for the password and click OK

12. Now click on ‘Settings’ tab as shown below:

13. Next select 'Telephony’:

14. Then click on 'Edit' against ‘Voip Connections’ ‘IP1’

15. Then update the ‘Display Name’ option.  Change the name of your desk phone here as shown below in red:

16. Click Save when you have finished.

17. The name of the handset display of the phone will now be altered.

Please log off when you have finished.