1. If you dial into your voicemail by either pressing the *98 keys on your phones keypad you will reach your voicemail - or you can dial +44 (0)1793 251125 remotely to access your voicemail.

2. Enter your mailbox number (this is your Extension number) and password (password) found inside your Phone configuration settings inside your CRM account.

3. Enter these details to access your voicemail box and when you are presented with the options press 0 for mailbox options.

4. You will hear a series of options when you hear the Temporary Greeting option 4 select this option by pressing on your handset. (Please note if you want to remove any other voicemail messages then choose from the other 2 options mailbox and busy).

5. You have the option to erase your temporary greeting by pressing option 2 - this will remove the temporary greeting that was setup and your standard greeting will then be in place.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.