That indicates that the phone cannot reach your network. Please take the following steps to help resolve this:

1. Plug your DESK phone into an ethernet cable you knows is working (e.g. it is currently connected to another phone which is working) please make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the middle port on the phone.

2. Next you need to access your IP Address go to the Settings menu by pressing the round button with the Green Tick as shown below in the screenshot circled in red:

3. Use the bottom key underneath the green tick to scroll downwards through the menu options



4. You will see the display on the phone show you the menu options - when you get to Settings Click OK.

5. Select 'Local Network' 

6. You will be asked to enter a password -- please press the # key twice to type in lower case admin and then click OK

7. Scroll down to 'IP Address' click OK



8. Your IP address will then be displayed.

9. If the IP address is still showing please re-boot your router and repeat the process above.

10. Please confirm if your public IP address that runs your internet connection is on a Dynamic or Static connection?

11. If Dynamic please check that DHCP is activated on your router

If you are unable to resolve this issue please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.