1. VoIP divert number not saving against my VoIP line, why?

When you divert a number on your VoIP line you need to ensure that you enter the number with NO SPACES i.e. 01793 25000 should display as 0179325000 otherwise it will not save it as it does not recognise spaces in numbers. 

Please see the example screen shot below:

2 .My VoIP line is on divert to another number but it is not working why?

Please make sure that you have correctly entered the landline or mobile number into the Call Forwarding Destination field without any spaces as this is essential.    See a screenshot below to show you an example of how a number must be entered:

3. Why is my VoIP line not diverting through to my call answering service on the 'busy' or 'no answer' options?

Please make sure that you have entered the number your line is to divert to without any spaces (as shown below) as if you have entered the forwarding number with a space between the area code and the number this could be the reason why the divert is not working. 

Please also ensure that you have not added a follow-me rule, which if so will over-ride the other line configuration set up. 

4.When I call my VoIP line that is on divert to my mobile - why do I not go through to my voicemail on my mobile?

You will hear your VoIP line voicemail - even if the line is on divert to another number,  you are ringing that 'VoIP' line so you will hear the message that is set up on that line and not the voicemail of your mobile phone.

If you need to record a voicemail message on your VoIP line please click here for step by step instructions. 

5. The call divert calls to another number when busy is not working why?

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to check with a member of our team to make sure the call waiting feature is disabled as this is likely to over-ride the busy option if call waiting has been set to enabled.