Diverting a VoIP line to a mobile:

If you forward your UK VoIP line to a UK mobile number you will pay call forwarding charges which are 3p a minute depending on the mobile network – we charge per second billing.

Diverting a VoIP line to a landline number:

If you forward a UK VoIP line to a UK landline number it would cost 1p a minute. 

If you take international calls please click here to see our VoIP call tariff for pricing.

Do you charge call forwarding costs on an 0800 number purchased elsewhere?

If you have an 0800 number from someone else you will have to pay their fees for incoming calls – and some will charge extra to divert that call to another number so you would need to check this with the provider.

We will not charge you to receive calls from this number – if we are not providing the line except if you then want to forward that call from us to an external number. 

If this is the case then we would charge call forwarding costs.

For International customers:

For international customers wanting to divert a VoIP line please contact our Support Helpdesk for information and pricing.