If you want to store an email you have received from someone or sent to someone,  inside a specific contacts record (either inside the contact record the email relates to or inside a different contact record) please follow the steps below:

1. Open up the email you wish to forward into the CRM account - in the example we have opened up Microsoft Outlook.

2. Click on the Forward button so that you can forward this email into your CRM account

3. Now go to your CRM account and open up the contact record for the contact you want to forward this email into:

4. Click on the contacts email address shown above in red on the business card section.

5. This will link up with your email client, for example Outlook where a new window will open you will see that it will automatically populate the Bcc: field with a unique code and your email drop box address as shown below in red:  

The unique code is used to associate the email directly back into the contacts CRM record.

6. Cut and paste the whole Bcc: email address (including the code) into the email you have opened in your email client which is ready to forward into your CRM account: 

 7. Now click Send.  This now means that this email has been sent into that contacts record - inside the History section as shown below: 

8. The email will also displayed on the Dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below: 

If you have any questions about the above please contact our Support Helpdesk.