How to forwards emails into your CRM account from your email client?

You can send emails from your email client such as Outlook, Gmail etc to your CRM account by sending a copy of the email to your CRM email drop box address.  

By doing this it will copy the email directly into the CRM system via your unique email drop box address associated to your CRM account.  

To do this you need to insert the email drop box address which will be in the same format as '' into the Bcc: part of the email you wish to send out to the recipients, please see screenshot below:


When you press send this will automatically forward a copy of your email into your CRM account storing a copy of the email inside each of the contacts records within their History. 

So for instance if you sent an email to then it would find her contact record that has this email address in and copy the email directly into her contact record for you. 

This keeps all communication centralised so you can see who send her an email what it contained including all attachments and time and date as shown below:

Please Note:  Forwarding email from your email client straight into your CRM account will only do one email address at a time as the standard default.  This is because we offer email marketing to send bulk emails out to multiple email addresses that can be tracked and analysed for response rates - you can not do this with sending multiple emails inside your email client i.e Outlook, Gmail etc.

How to send an email to multiple email addresses, but at the same time send copies of this email to multiple contacts inside the CRM system?

If you wish to send an email through your email client i.e Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail outside of your CRM account but forward a copy of that email to the recipients on the email (i.e. their email addresses) which are stored inside your CRM account that will populate directly into their History section of their contact records then we can set this up for you as a customised solution.

The cost to do this is a one off fee, please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out pricing.

Provided you use the email drop box address in the Bcc: field it will automatically send a copy into the contacts History of all those listed on the email as email addresses. 

Please note: if there are some contacts that are not set up in your CRM account when it forwards the email it will automatically set up a new contact for you and store a copy of the email in the contact history.  Saving you lots of time!