To see how you can set your VoIP line to go to voicemail please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Phone icon inside your CRM account 

2. Select the line management icon as shown below:

3. This will list your VoIP lines, to alter any setting you need to click on the configure option beside the line you want to select:

4. Inside the line configuration window that will be displayed please use the Call Forwarding option as shown below in red:

5. Make sure that you select 'All Calls' and from the Action drop down menu select 'Voicemail' as shown above.

6. When you have finished please click on 'Update' to save your settings.

Now anyone calling your VoIP line will go straight to voicemail. 

Please note: There is no need to set the call forwarding options for 'On busy' or 'No answer' to go to Voicemail as this is automatic if the call is not answered.  

The call forwarding option for 'On busy' or 'No answer' is to be used if you want to divert to a different number only by using the 'Transfer to number' option.

How to listen or playback your voicemail messages

There are several ways to listen to voicemail messages received on your VoIP line, please see the options below:

1. Dial voicemail directly from your VoIP phone by pressing the *97 keys to play your messages.

You can also dial in remotely from another phone by dialling +44 (0)1793 251125 from another phone if you do not have access to your VoIP phone. 

This will require you to enter your mailbox number - this is your VoIP extension line and then a password.  Please click here to see where to find these.  

You will also need to enter a password - please click here to find out where to find this. 

Once you have entered the above you can listen directly to any voicemail messages left on your line - please listen to the voice prompts to play each message. 

2. Voicemail email alerts - if you have voicemail email alerts set up you will receive an email when someone has left you a voicemail message.  

The email will contain a .Wav file enabling you to play back the voicemail recording. 

To set up voicemail email alerts click here

3. Play back voicemail messages from inside call logs where the voicemail icon is shown:

If you click on the Phone icon shown along the menu bar inside your CRM account this will take you to the Call Records page.  

Here you will see a log of incoming and outgoing calls and any voicemail messages can be played by clicking on the voicemail icon which will automatically download the voicemail message for you to listen to.

4. Play back directly from the contacts history where the voicemail recording will be logged.  

If the person calling you is already a contact and their phone number is logged inside their contact record then the voicemail recording can also be played back via their contact record inside the History section. 

The incoming call will be logged and the voicemail recording can be played back from within the Phone history - as shown below in red: 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Support Helpdesk.