About the Call Pop Up Alert 

Our CRM VoIP customers can now benefit from a call pop up alert feature for incoming calls, this allows you to see incoming calls as they happen live inside your CRM account. 


  • See incoming calls live as they come in directly from your contacts with their name, company name and number displayed
  • Address the person calling by their name 
  • Go straight to the contact's record where you have instant information and updates can be made to their record there and then


  • The pop up call alerts help keep you and your team more organised with contacts being constantly updated.
  • Improves time management as it has the flexibility to answer or dismiss calls if you wish.
  • Speeds up response to callers as it takes you straight into the client contact record where you have information at hand and the ability to record new information.

Please note: the call pop up will only display when you are working inside your CRM account and not if you are inside other applications at the time the call comes in i.e. if you are working in your email, Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets etc. 

The pop up alert window will show the caller ID (if the callers details are set up with their phone/mobile number they are calling from recorded inside their contact record).  

Please see the example below:

Here you have 2 options:

1. Dismiss – this will close the pop up window but your phone line will continue to ring unless you have answered it.

2. Go to Contact - click on this option to open up the person's contact record as shown below: 

This is a really useful feature to enable you to update/add any information as you are speaking to the person on the phone.  

Incoming Calls from a Number or Anonymous Caller

Any numbers which are not recorded against a contact record will be displayed as shown below: 

If the number has been withheld it will be shown as ‘anonymous’.  In this instance, you have 3 options available to you:

1. Dismiss – if you click on ‘Dismiss’ button the pop up will disappear but your phone line will continue to ring.

2. New Contact – if you click on ‘New Contact’ button the following pop up screen will appear, as shown below :

This enables you to quickly add the person calling as a new contact by completing their details as shown below and clicking on 'Create Contact' - helping you and the team save time by being more productive.

You have the option to add the number they have called from as either a Voice (phone) or Mobile number as shown above. 

Please note: that when you have answered the call this pop up box will still be displayed until you have completed their details and then added them as a contact by clicking on the ‘Create Contact’ button – highlighted in red above. 

Once you have clicked on ‘Create Contact’ it will open straight into the new contact record where you can then add further information if you wish.

3. Merge – if you click on the Merge button as shown below:

This allows you to merge a number you do not have recorded for an existing contact with in your CRM database. 

A merge pop up window will display as shown above.  

As you are speaking to the caller you can then merge the number they have called in from with their existing contact record by searching for their name in the search field as shown below:  

The search will display the results, finding the contact record as shown above – to merge the number with their existing record select the contact with the radial button – as shown above.

If the contact has called in from either a phone (landline) or mobile number you NEED to select this as shown above right in red for this example the number is a 'Mobile' number.   

This ensures that it displays correctly in their contact business card record as shown below: 

This is important to distinguish as you may want to send out SMS messages to the mobile number in future but need to ensure you have categorised it correctly.  

Click on Merge to add this number to their existing contact record.