This would indicate that your Gigaset Desk Phone is not picking up any connection with your internet router.

Please check the following:

1. Can you access the internet from the router that is connecting your VoIP line?

2. Can you get an IP address from your Gigaset Desk Phone?  Please click here to find out how to get this.

3. Can you get an IP address from your router?  To check this connect a PC/laptop directly to the router and type in a web browser what is my IP address? 

4. What type of IP address are you on?  Dynamic or Static?  Please click here to see the difference between the two types of IP address. 

5. Have you unplugged your router and then re-booted?

6. Have you switched off/unplugged your desk phone and then re-booted?

7. Is your phone correctly connected with the Ethernet cable (for a Desk phone this needs to be attached to the 2nd socket with the 3 boxes on the back of the phone). 

8. Have you contacted your broadband provider to find out if there is an error on the line?

9. Have you checked the port settings on your phone?  Please click here to see how to check and change ports

10. Is your firewall blocking your VoIP line?  Please check which ports are open on your firewall.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk with the information to the above where we will be able to assist you further.