If you experience a warning message when trying to upload an image to a contact record please can you check the following on your PC:

1. Please check the web browser you are using - please make sure that you are not using Internet Explorer below version 10.  The CRM is incompatible with versions lower than 10 of this browser.

2. Please make sure that you have the latest browser version installed such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed as this could be causing the issue.

3. Please do a screen refresh by pressing the F5 key on a PC or the Command + R key on a Mac.

4. Please clear your cache - please see each section on clearing cache in different browsers such as Google Chrome.

5. Please check the image format and size as this could be corrupt

6. This could be an issue with your PC which is causing slowness or a delay in trying to upload the image - please close any other programs that may affect the speed of your computer.

7. Check your internet speed by doing a speed test by visiting http://www.speedtest.net/ and click on 'Begin Test' to let the test run.

Please send the results of the above and the image you wish to upload to our Support Helpdesk so that we can investigate this for you.