If you are unable to access Fibre Optic Broadband i.e. BT infinity in your area and can only get ADSL broadband then speak to your current or new Internet provider to see if they can provide your business with Annex M bolt-on.

What is Annex M?

Annex M is the latest generation of broadband technology that allows for greater upload speeds as a bolt-on to ADSL broadband. Annex M can potentially increase upload speed to 2.5 Mb, and is available as an enhancement for those customers who could benefit from faster uploading, including remote workers, heavy email users and those who need to regularly upload large files.

Can it improve VoIP bandwidth and speed?

Other reasons that businesses choose to upgrade to an Annex M connection include more effective video conferencing, more bandwidth for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, and sending offsite backup information faster.

When using VoIP as well as running your CRM account, your business would benefit from an upgraded ADSL package that includes Annex M.