If you have voicemail messages to listen to you will see the Message key flash on the Gigaset desk phone as shown below:

To access your messages press this message key.

Next select the dot beside the green tick which will scroll through to 'Voicemail' option

Click on 'Select' - this is the button immediately under the screen where you see 'Select'. 

Click on 'Dial' 

You will then be prompted to enter your password - click here to find this 5 digit number. 

Your voicemail message will then be played. 

Alternatively you can dial the *98 keys or *97 keys to go to your Mailbox. 

If asked top enter a Mailbox number please enter your VoIP extension number (this is a 6 digit number that can be found inside the Phone line configuration settings).  

Please click here if you need further information on where to find this. 

If asked to enter a password please enter this, you will find this 5 digit number inside the Phone line configuration settings shown as Password - as shown below: