We strongly recommend that you use a dynamic public IP address to run your VoIP phone lines - this is normally provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) unless you request a static IP address.

What is the difference between a Dynamic IP address and a Static IP address?

A dynamic IP address is allocated to you by your ISP each time you connect to the internet so the IP address you are given is likely to change each time. 

A static IP address is fixed - meaning it is allocated to you and will not change. 

VoIP Setup:

If however you are on a static (fixed) IP address - please let us know as we will need to configure the VoIP phone equipment for this type of IP address as the standard set up is for dynamic IP addresses.

Please note that if configuring phones for a fixed IP address this may take longer to set up and therefore incur a higher set up fee.

Contact our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions.

Look up your IP address and find out whether you are on a fixed or dynamic IP: