You can add a new VoIP line onto your CRM account from inside your CRM, please follow the instructions below:

1. Click onto the Phone icon which you will see along the menu bar:

2. Then select the Line Summary icon as shown below:

3. You will see in the Line Summary section a button called 'Add Number' as shown below:

4. Click on this button and a pop up screen will be displayed as shown below:

5. Please select from the drop down menu your geographic local area code that you would like to pick an available VoIP number from.

6. Then select an available number and click on Next to confirm as shown above.

7. The line will be added to your CRM account and will become active within 24 hours. 

8. Please note: there is a charge of £9 + VAT per line per month that will be added to your CRM account, this includes Click2Call, caller ID, voicemail email alerts, call recording, call muting and call stats. 

9. Please let us know which user you would like the VoIP line to be associated with - so that calls in and out on this line will correctly associate with the user and will be displayed correctly on the Dashboard.

If you would like a list of national numbers available please contact our Support Helpdesk.