You will find the email you forwarded in using your unique email drop box address ( inside your own contact record inside the CRM database. 

The forwarded email has been stored under your own contact record as it has associated your email address (that you have forwarded from) with your own contact record.  You will see the email within the History section of your contact record. 

If instead of copying email into your own contact record you wish to have a copy of the email inside the actual contacts record that the email relates to, please do the following:

1. Open up the persons contact record.

2. Click on their email address

3. This brings up an email window – copy the unique code and your unique email drop box address which you will see populated in the Bcc: field

4. Open up the email from your contact – select the Forward option

5. Paste into the To: section the unique code and unique email drop box (for instance it may look something like this..(as an example only)

6. Click Send

7. The email will now be stored inside that persons contact record in the History section.